Deep thoughts…2

As if I don’t have enough to think about……

Tomorrow is payday, bill day, bus day, asshat’s day…..oh yeah, and Tuesday.  Just sitting here thinking of new memes. Brain is fried as usual on too much coffee, too little sleep.

Having heart palpitations and wondering if I’m gonna make it till tomorrow. But I press on…

Imagine if the theme from Gilligan’s’ Island was somehow updated to contain the cast of the Avengers?
Just think about it.…most of it would work. Sort of.
As I sit here trying to come up with new song from the old one, I’m just laughing hystercally at who would be who?

The Skipper = (Fury – Hold On, you’ll see why)
The 1St mate = Steve (cuz he’s a little slow sometimes)
The millionaire and his wife = Tony Stark & Pepper Potts
The movie star – Loki (cuz he thinks the world is his stage)
The Professor = Banner
Mary Ann = Well Thor of course. Can’t you just picture him with his hair in pigtails?
So, poor Nat and Hawkeye would have to be the various other characters who
they discover throughout their life there. Since they are trained killers,
I can imagine some gov’t agency (unnamed) coming to the island to bury their secrets
and Nat and Hawkeye being sent as liasons or whatever to make sure things are secure
And of course, Fury would have to be the captain cuz he’s got an eye patch lol…..Arrrgh.

This is what kind of shit they throw at me daily. “oooh do this! This would be so damn
funny”…. all day, every day of my freakin life.
And now they have me doing some sort of epic shit which will take all night just to start
on and I just really want to go back to bed….
This is my motivational speech daily to keep me from doing that.
“Don’t go back to bed Cat, write something funny, you’ll feel better.”

Ok, now Banner, figure out why I am having these heart palpitations already will
ya? Am I gonna die or what?
*Note, if I am offline for more than a day, you can send EMT’s to my apartment. Cuz I probably
really am dead. I just hope my memes and writings will live on in infamy.
~@RennerCat ?


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