Hey, I need you, where are you guys?

If I ever needed a hero, today is that day. Tomorrow isn’t looking good either, so keep your calendar open for me.

Tony: Here. Just figured you needed some space today.

Me: I guess I did. But now, not so much.

Thor: It has been a very disheartening day for you. I am so sorry Cat.

Clint: Me too. I thought Mondays sucked generally, but this has been a doozy.

Bruce: You want the Hulk to smash someone for you?

Me: If only.

Thor: I can rain over his house and crackle the sky with lightning and thunder!

Me: No.

Clint: We’re all here. We know this has been hard, but you know, maybe it was coming…….

Natasha: Oh yeah, that helps Clint. Of course she knew it was coming, but when a jerk breaks your heart and then goes on to hurt your wallet, it’s getting too real. Even tough bad asses hurt sometimes, even………….me.

Tony: I still can’t figure you out Romanoff. But I guess that’s what keeps things interesting.

Bruce: So, tomorrow. You think he’s gonna show up?

Me: Don’t know. Maybe. I just want it over already.

Tony: No you don’t.

Cap: What? Why wouldn’t she?

Tony: Because in her heart, she always thought, just the smallest shred of hope remained that this was not the end. Am I right?

Me: ——

Tony: In your heart, you still felt, just maybe he would suddenly, from the sound of your voice on the phone, become all mushy and miss you. You thought he would realize what a total useless husband he’s been, and come crawling on his knees to beg your forgiveness. Hmmm?

Me: ——-

Tony: And now that you’ve spoken, and I use the term loosely………and might I add, quite colorful language you used today; you realize that it is completely and utterly over.

Me: ——-<sigh>

Cap: I heard her talking to her ex today……….she sounded like a sailor. I’ve never heard a woman curse so much…….

Natasha: You haven’t been in the 21st century long enough…….just wait Cap.

Clint: Yup. I was kinda thinking, “Damn, Cat, you go girl! You tell it like it is, get it off your chest finally.”

Bruce: Exactly. Did you hear him saying, “hey, hey, watch your language.” What a dick. Really? I mean what did he expect, her to call to ask him out for a date night? He had to know she was pissed off. You can’t just walk out of someone’s life and never call and expect them to be all, “Hey, how’s it going? I bought a new DVD want to come over to watch it? We can snuggle on the couch.”

Clint: I would be more like, “Hey! How are you? I have 6 Avengers, 2 elderly parents and a bunch of big brothers who want to see you suffer. Want to come over and play?” Then hang up on him.

Me: hehe. My 80 year old dad could probably kick his ass. Just wish they all lived closer.

Tony: You know what? I saw you let out a little anger today. I saw you frustrated and internally at war with yourself. And then I saw you hold it together for the most part. I was really proud of you. And when you only cried a little bit, I wanted you to let it all out. I wanted you to start letting it go. But you are still holding it in. Why?

Me: I need to be strong till the end. Then perhaps, I can let it out. If I do it now, I won’t be able to get through it.

Clint: Don’t let him hear you cry. I get it. Don’t let him hear he’s hurt you. That’s good. But have you thought about when you see him? Emotions are a tricky thing, I should know. I never let anyone see mine. I am tough and keep it all in. Ask Nat, she does the same thing.

Natasha: Shut up Clint. She won’t be able to hold it in when he comes. He gets under her skin. He pushes all the right buttons.

Tony: Well, why not just unplug the buttons?

Cap: Huh?

Tony: Just shut it all off till he’s gone. Then you can cry to your heart’s delight. You can scream and yell and rant all you want to. If you argue with him while he’s here, it’s just going to escalate things and it could get out of hand again.

Me: Oh I won’t be alone. The police will be here, hopefully. My ‘escorts’. That will keep me in check as well as him I hope.

Tony: Good plan. Hopefully you won’t be tripping over all that stuff much longer.

Me: I hope.

Cap: You think his mom will come?

Me: I dare her to come near my home. I will have to tell the cops, “SHE IS NOT ALLOWED IN MY HOME“.

Bruce: Man, you are really pissed. She’s like 100 pounds of wuss. What are you worried about?

Me: She is the reason for our problems since day 1. Some of them anyway. Well, now she can wash his clothes, take him to the doctor every time his tummy hurts, and listen to him whine constantly about everything. She’s still telling people he isn’t with her. Lying seems to not fall far from that tree. Sooner or later, she will regret raising a baby who runs home every time things get too hard for him. At least I won’t have to see her fucking face again. EVER.

Tony: Okay…….well, the sailor’s back. What do you do for an encore?

Me: You don’t want to know……..(Smile)

Tony: Do we have any alcohol in the house?

Me: I have a tiny little bottle of rum I hid from my ex. And a few drops of wine left……..why?

Tony: You seriously need a drink.

Me: No, I will save it for my victory dance. I won’t drink it till all his stuff is gone and I have my keys in my hands.

Tony: Not a good plan. When he comes, and he will, you will need to have some extra backbone to deal with it.

Clint: The cops will be here, maybe not a good idea. I’m with her, save it for after the party. And then Shawarma after.

Me: You’re too much. ha ha.

Cap: What the hell is all that noise??

Me: The old woman up above me is moving furniture again.

Cap: She just moved it yesterday. And the day before. What is she doing, playing musical chairs?

Natasha: I don’t hear dancing…..yet.

Me: People with mental problems often get manic and move things and make a lot of noise. While I understand, having lived with a person who was/is Bipolar, I can’t deal with it much longer. The one next door must be manic too, because she’s been doing the same thing all day.

Clint: I think Tony is Bipolar. He’s definitely got his ups and downs……ha ha

Thor: As do I Hawkeye.

Clint: Hey, yeah, that’s true. You guys definitely can do the up……the downs not so well.

Tony: If I remember correctly, you ended up in an office after falling off a building?

Clint: Nah, man, I planned that. Was all very carefully orchestrated out.

Bruce: Uh huh. Sure. Is that why I was plucking glass out of your butt for two hours afterward?

Clint: Oh come on, it wasn’t that long………

Tony: I…….never mind. Keep your mouth shut Tony. Just keep rolling your eyes and ………….

Natasha: How would you know how long it was Clint? You were unconscious.

Me: Okay, if you guys are done chatting amongst yourselves, we haven’t concluded this blog post yet.

Tony: Uh, oh, sorry. I was distracted by Thor’s hair again. Phlllp! Damn, Thor, scrunchie! Ever heard of it??

Me: I have a pretty red one which would match your cape Thor…….if you’re interested.

Thor: No comment. (Flips his hair.)

Me: Well, if you guys have nothing to add, The Librarians is all about Fairy Tales tonight, so I am gonna go curl up on the couch and give my wrists and back a rest now.

Cap: Oh, good! Fairy Tales!

WTF moment

Just for once......


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