Why do the voices in my head sound like the Avengers?

[audio:http://atraiza.blog.com/files/2015/01/AVENGERSSOUNDGARDENLIVETORISE.mp3|titles=Live to Rise]

Wow…It’s been a long time since I had a blog. Please bear with me!

This blog features my silly thoughts using Marvel’s  Avengers characters, so if you’ve never seen the movie(s), you will have no clue what I’m talking about! It also has some personal journal stuff about a 49 year old woman going through life, so maybe you will find some help here, or just a new friend. Please leave a comment and let me know you were here! (at the bottom of each post is a comment box.)

Please enjoy the music links throughout the posts, as well as some pictures. Here’s a gallery of the characters.

Steve Rogers: aka-Captain America
Dr. Bruce Banner: aka – Hulk
Agent Clint Barton: aka – Hawkeye
Agent Natasha Romanoff: aka-Black Widow
Tony Stark: aka – IronMan
Loki: Brother of Thor


I was riding the bus in the frigid El Paso winds today, and while waiting, I decided that I would begin writing again. Nothing super hard, nothing so imaginative as a book, as I had planned for ages. (The reason for that is my subject matter has recently left me, nearly 3 years after marriage, and it’s his loss, it would have been awesome!)

No, I thought, let’s start out a little easier. A blog. Been there, done that in the past. At least I would be writing something, and that would be better than nothing.

Living in a crappy city in a crappy place I hate, alone, so alone, with no family, friends or pets is hard. Really HARD. So in order to amuse myself, and to get through the moments in life I just can’t deal with, I have begun to “talk to myself” in my head. Yeah yeah, I know, we all talk to ourselves. But I’m not talking about hearing your mother’s voice telling you you really should have worn those gloves she gave you because you complained last year about how cold your fingers were. Or hearing your boss reminding you how quickly he/she wants your work handed in or else.  No no, I am not even talking about you singing to yourself or reminding yourself to finish the dishes when you get home, to pick up milk at the store (because you’re too lazy to write it down and you always forget), or anything like that.

I’m talking about “other” voices. People in movies you’ve seen a million times, who’s lines you know and you use daily to mock someone, reply to a Facebook comment, or just deal with life in general.

One day I had to go out. My car is not on the road right now, and it sucks. Last time my husband left I went into shock. I didn’t leave the house but once in over 2 months.  I deal with depression differently than some, I hide.  I don’t eat. I don’t sleep, and I usually drink way more coffee than is recommended for a normal person. I had to go downtown to get something at the store. I live in a crappy city, but at least the downtown bus is FREE. I also use the other buses but I pay 30 cents each way, which is pretty good. So, car, sorry, you have to wait a little longer.

It was close to the holidays, and I hate being alone with everyone wishing you a Merry Christmas, and being all sweet and nice when you feel like punching someone out.  So, I decided to “talk myself into it”, I would allow some very special people to ride along in my head and keep me company. I mean, if they could get me through a rough time, perhaps I could do this alone thing again, only this time actually leave the house!

When you have to wait forever for a bus to come, you find yourself thinking up skits in your head, well, at least I do. Here’s what I did today……with my friends.

Me: Damn, weather man was wrong again. I’m freezing!

Thor: At least it isn’t raining. You’re welcome.

Tony: I could warm it up in here, but you’re head would explode.

Bruce: Don’t piss me off Tony, there’s barely room in here for us now, and if the other guy shows up, we’re in big trouble.

Cap: Did anyone else just see that guy cut off that other driver? Why haven’t the police pulled him over yet? What is it with this world? Back in my day people showed respect-

Tony: (rolls his eyes) Here we go again. Look, you will never get it. People are in a hurry because they have more important things to do than sit in traffic…..

Cap: What is soooo important that they have to nearly cause an accident, and then get mad when the other person waves them down.

Natasha: He wasn’t waving, he was shooting him the bird.

Hawkeye: That was pretty funny. Hey, why are these pigeons following us around. Did someone bring crackers?

Me: No Hawkeye, those pigeons are you fangirls following you….(giggle)

Natasha: Phssh! Yeah,  right.

Cap: Oh, here comes a bus. Our bus is here. Good.

Tony: That’s not our bus. We want the 55, not the 62. Learn to pay attention once in your life.

Me: Guys quit arguing. It will be here soon…..I hope. Damn my fingers are cold!

Cap: Well you have gloves at home, you should have brought them.

Natasha: Nice going Captain Obvious. She thought she did bring them.

Me: Yeah, but I still don’t know what happened to the other one. Why would I only have one glove in my pocket?

Tony: Well you could wear it and pretend you’re Michael Jackson?

Me: Nah, I’ll just stick my hands in my jacket pockets.  Shit, I’m so cold.

Hawkeye: Just keep thinking about me and I’ll warm you up.

Me: That’s sweet. But not working.

Cap: A bus, a bus!

Bruce: Yup, it’s the 55. Thank God.

Me to driver of bus: “I’m so glad you came! I was beginning to turn into a Capsi- uh, popsicle!”

ALL :   Laughing

Hawkeye:  That’s funny, you almost used an Avengers reference to a guy who never smiles.

Me:  Shut up Hawkeye….


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