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Welcome to my noisy head

SO…I’m Cat. recently separated from hubby #3,  and alone in the big bad west of Texas, and I live with Depression and Anxiety. This is my way of coping. Every day is a struggle, and I decided this time I needed a little help with my daily survival.

Tony represents a Phoenix, coming up with ways to motivate me and inspire me to be strong when I don’t feel strong. He survived, I survive.

Bruce represents calm, he talks me through things when I just can’t deal, which is good because of his own anger issues, we help one another out.

Natasha is the tough girl in me, who doesn’t take shit and doesn’t like bullies who treat women like crap.

Cap is the one who doesn’t quite always get it, but still tries to do what’s right and just, has good morals.

Thor is the adventurer and warrior in me, who is still trying to figure things out, but believes women can kick ass just as Lady Sif.

And of course

Clint is the sweetheart who will defend me, show me when to be quiet and take care of me, as well as when to stand up to my fears and fight back.

Occasionally a guest will sneak in without warning, such as Phil or Loki, and add to the mayhem, which is fine as long as they clean up after themselves.

We all live in my head, them and me, and they help me get through some tough times when I am alone and sad, angry or just need a break from the crappy world I live in. It’s not like I have multiple personalities, and I realize it’s all fantasy, but it helps me cope and that’s the important thing. When you live with depression and anxiety all your life, you have to find ways to motivate and inspire yourself, and even to just make yourself laugh.

Me: Hey guys, does anyone remember a little rhyme that goes something like, “fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair…..”?
Thor: Fuzzy? Was he? Who is this we speak of?
Bruce: I know I am hairy! Stop picking on my body hair~!
Cap: Um, I don’t think she meant you Bruce, calm down….
Tony: Fuzzy navel. I never could quite understand how they came up with that?
Clint: Fuzzy like a peach with orange juice, navel. Sounds good, I should go make some….
Tony: Yeah, that sounds pretty good.
Thor: There is no juice of orange here. I don’t understand how someone’s belly button….
Tony: Never mind big guy.
Natasha: Last time I drank fuzzy navels I was throwing up orange puke for days….
Bruce: Thanks for sharing that lovely image. Was it the same color as your hair?
Clint: Ha! Good one….
Natasha: No I was more like a push up pop ice cream color…..
Tony: Nice…..
Me: FORGET IT! I’ll just go shave my legs already! You guys suck!
Clint: Navel…….love that word...


So, this is my blog. Hope you will read the rest of it. I think it’s hilarious, but then what do I know? I mean, YOU try living with 6 other people in your head all day!

6 comments on “Welcome to my noisy head

    • Someone told me tonight it’s a way to cope. I like to play it up of course, but really, I was literally sitting on a bus one day freaking out, panic attacks and trying to calm myself. I thought, “what would Dr. Banner say to me to make me feel better. How would Tony Stark get through it like his own panic attacks?” And the page was born. I am following you now. 🙂 Thanks! ❤


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